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Del Barber may get criticized for covering Neil Young’s songs  too pretty, but hey, whoever said being pretty was bad? The Juno’s didn’t seem to mind.

I was introduced to Del Barber on the ‘Q’ as he sang Miles and Years,

‘I am waiting for the wind to blow,

the smell of hope far from my nose,

cause the engine in this dream is starting to go.

I am trying hard to hear her,

but I don’t quite the have the nerve,

cause what she says I have never had the ears for.’

He doesn’t have a website, but he has a relentless drive to perform gig after gig after gig after gig after gig, following in the tradition of  those before him. At one point in the interview Jien Ghomeshi asked Del if there was a unique aspect to the Manitoba music scene. Del responded with an of course. He shared that Winnipeggers seem closer to the land, since as you come to the perimeter of the city you hit the fields. He claims that there is a magic to the music which comes from a heavy dose of both urban and rural, creating authentic and accessible song writing.

What I like about Del Barber is his  grin while he sings, telling us that he is lovin’ it.